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Dubiel Vitrum focuses on quality.

We meet the high requirements posed by our contractors working in those industries where product precision and visual attractiveness determine its competitiveness and market success.

All the quality aspects of our products are regarded as values and areas to be carefully explored, analyzed, and upgraded. It is thanks to this that our products have been held in high regard by clients for years.

Product quality

The quality and size tolerances of our glass are ensured by strict corporate standards, which in many areas are more demanding than the national and European glass standards.


We put a lot of effort into product packaging. Depending on the product type, we use customized packing methods that ensure safe transport and demonstrate their quality at the same time.


We guarantee competitive order completion deadlines. In this case, deadlines are specified individually for every Client.

 Fast tendering

Our tender department responds to your inquiries promptly. To prepare our tender, we need a detailed glass specification: type, thickness, processing type (blunting, grinding, chamfering, etc.), cut-outs and holes, amount and type of foil, graphics and printing technology, tempering, bending, etc.

High service quality

Your company will be assigned a person who will attend to you off-site and a specialist working on-site at Dubiel Vitrum’s office. The client receives our employees’ full contact details.

Quality testing

Prior to launching a product, we test our processed glass extensively, and our new technical solutions are tested for many weeks. With difficult orders, we present test samples to the investor or contractor. We subject ourselves to inspections by external audit agencies, also on behalf of our foreign clients.


We have our own transport fleet, but we also use external logistic services. Depending on the means of transport, we choose suitable packaging.


We have been manufacturing our products non-stop since 1982, always making an effort to improve the processes that determine the quality of our products. The production of glass furniture and prefabricated glass machine components has taught us precision in terms of size, and the production of decorative glass has forced us to pay attention to visual attractiveness. We are not afraid of difficult orders, believing that they are opportunities to learn new things. Dubiel Vitrum cooperates with many Polish and foreign clients with very high requirements in regard to quality and processing precision.

Technical capabilities

We have a large number of machines and automatic devices used for glass processing, e.g. made by Italian and German manufacturers (see: Manufacturing capabilities). We follow our clients’ needs and market trends, on the basis of which we expand our technical offering. We choose our machines optimally to ensure the highest possible processing standard.


We use only top quality glass from renowned glass manufacturers – glassworks located in Poland. At the client’s request, we obtain special glass, also importing it from abroad. We test the resistance and parameters of glass selected for processing.

Process management

Over the last years, the company implemented several advanced IT systems that have significantly automated and streamlined the key management areas. Our manufacturing execution system controls the manufacturing of every product, enables production floor reporting, up-to-date production monitoring, and task queuing on machines. Our workflow management system has eliminated paper documents, replacing them with files archived in the IT system. The fully automatic XML-based order and invoice exchange system has definitely improved our cooperation with DIY store chains.

The continuous refinement of our internal processes ensures satisfactory indicators in those areas that our clients deem the most important: the company meets 97% of deadlines, the typical product availability is at 99.98%, while the number of complaints is less than 1%.


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